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What you get: You can earn $5 when you open your Checkout 51 account and redeem your first cashback offer!

What I get in return: $5 credited to my account for groceries.

Remember, once you become a customer, you can also get these perks by referring your friends!

When it ends: ongoing

Where to go:

So the weekend is here and you're planning your shopping list. How do you decide what to buy? If you want to lower your grocery bill, use the Checkout 51 app to receive cashback on staples as well as brand name food and household items. Rather than clip coupons, you tap on desired items from their weekly offers list and take a photo of your receipt afterwards of purchased items. Within 24 hours, your account will be credited. Once it hits $20 or more, you can request a cheque!

Checkout the cashback earned from using Checkout 51

Click on the referral link to earn $5 when you redeem your first offer with Checkout 51!

Just a friendly reminder that if you're taking part in Black Friday online shopping, be sure to first login via your Ebates account to earn up to 10% or more cashback from your purchases!

Don't have an Ebates account or unfamiliar with how it works?  Simply hop on to and click the link to your favourite retailer.  When you make a purchase, you get cashback from your purchases!  Every season, you'll get a mailed a big fat cheque!  Sign up my referral code and get $5 cashback to try it out:

Black Friday shopping with Ebates. Look at the added savings awaiting you -- earn hundreds in cashback!!


What you get: Toronto Raptors are back this season with two free food offers! When they score 12 or more 3-pointers, score FREE medium McDonald's fries!  And when they win with 100+ points, get an additional FREE Pizza Pizza slice with purchase of cheese or pepperoni pizza slice.  Requires McDonald's and Raptors Mobile apps to redeem these offers.

When it is in effect: 2018-19 season

Where to go: App Store link | Google Play link

BOGO Pizza Pizza slices when Raptors score 100 points
Free McDonald's fries when Raptors hit a dozen 3-pointers
Lunch is covered with Pizza Pizza and McDonald's

What you get: I've used the new app called Stack, which brands itself as the future of money. When you sign up, they mail you a prepaid Stack Mastercard, but you can do more than just make purchases on credit. Receive discounts on popular food, drinks, and services when you pay with your Stack card. Receive $20 when you activate your Stack card with my referral link!

What I get in return: Each friend who installs the Stack app with my link and activates their card helps me earn $5 to my account.  Use the link below to sign up!

Remember, once you use Stack, you can also get these perks by referring your friends!

Where to go:

What you get: McDonald's is celebrating National Coffee Day by giving out free coffee when ordering through their app.  The offer is available all day, today.  Enjoy!

When it ends: September 29, 2018

Where to go:

Enjoying my free McDonald's coffee

Spotlight on: Caddle

What I scored: Here's my fishy tale on my big earnings with Caddle.  It started with some completed surveys that indicated I enjoyed eating frozen fish.  It turned out Janes was promoting their line of breaded fish fillets, so I was presented with personalized cashback offers for Janes Fish:

  • July 19, 2018 - Survey ($0.05): Frozen Fish
  • July 26, 2018 - Video & Survey ($0.10): Janes Fish
  • Aug 2, 2018 - Purchase Cashback ($4.00): Buy 1 Janes Fish - 2 x $2.00
  • Aug 2, 2018 - Purchase Cashback Bonus ($1.00): Buy 2 Janes Fish - 1 x $1.00
  • Aug 2, 2018 - Post-purchase Survey ($0.25): Janes Fish
  • Aug 2, 2018 - Review ($0.25): Janes Fish

From Caddle alone, I earned $5.65; on top of that, there was a sale on Janes Fish for $8.99 per box (savings of 3.00 each).  The two boxes of Janes Fish  effectively cost me $12.33 (before tax).  Without Caddle and paying full price, the fish may have cost twice that much!  Wow!

How I did it: I used Flipp to search for Janes Fish and saw it was on sale at Metro.  The Caddle cashback for a single box was only $2, but taking advantage of the bonus cashback, I was able to earn $5 by purchasing a second box.  The surveys before and after the purchase made it a bargain!  AND, these boxes have a $4 coupon inside for next time!

Janes Fish in my freezer. Look, $4 coupon inside!






Here's the proof:

When uploading receipt photo in Caddle, specify number of offers being redeemed
Post-purchase survey of goods
Offer for post-purchase review








Where to go: and enter Referral Code CHIHUN57475

Just a friendly reminder that if you're taking part in Amazon's Prime Day sales, be sure to first login via your Ebates account to earn up to 6% cashback from your purchases!  And to determine whether the deals are actually good deals, use the Keepa plugin for your web browser.

What you get: You can earn $25 credit by adding $100 to your Amazon Cash balance.  Think of Amazon Cash as your pre-paid spending account.  Instead of a bank, you visit a retailer like Canada Post and deposit the money through them.  Amazon gives you a personalized barcode (or you can just use your cell #) so the funds are directed to your account.  It's really easy, and the bonus $25 arrives within 24 hours; mine came within a few minutes!

Note: Offer available only to first-time Amazon Cash deposits.  Bonus funds expire Aug 31, 2018.  See Amazon's page for full details.

When it starts: July 9, 2018

When it ends: July 17, 2018

Where to go:

Receipt of $100 deposited to my Amazon Cash account

What you get: You can earn up to $150 bonus by contributing to your Tangerine investment fund account.  Receive a bonus of $10 for every $1,000 you add -- up to $15,000 -- into your investment fund account.  If you have unused cash sitting in a savings/chequing account, transfer it over to say, a TFSA investment fund account for the bonus.

Note: Offer available only to existing clients.  Please verify with Tangerine to see if you're eligible.

When it ends: July 13, 2018

Where to go:

What you get: HQ is giving away at least $1,000,000 in total cash to coincide with the NBA playoff finals!  Each time the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers play in their best-of-7 series, the cash pot grows $100k.  If they play a 7th game, the prize will be $700,000.  All just for correctly answering 12 multiple-choice trivia questions!

Schedule: (*if required)

  • May 31 - Game 1: $100,000
  • June 3 - Game 2: $200,000
  • June 6 - Game 3: $300,000
  • June 8 - Game 4: $400,000
  • June 11 - Game 5*: $500,000
  • June 14 - Game 6*: $600,000
  • June 17 - Game 7*: $700,000

What I get in return: Each friend who installs HQ Trivia and uses my referral code chiofsteel helps me earn an extra life (i.e. a chance to continue if I get an answer wrong).  Once you play HQ Trivia, you can get an extra life by referring your friends!

Where to go: App Store and Google Play

If you've never played before or need some HQ Trivia winning tips, continue reading!