HQ Trivia winning tips


  • Ensure you’ve got enough juice on your phone before you start; don’t be caught having it shut down on you mid-game!
  • Close all non-essential apps and put your phone on DND (or airplane mode with wifi) to avoid alerts or phone calls during the game.
  • Chat is actually helpful now, but if you find it distracting, swipe the chat field away!

Let’s be friends!

  • Invite friends to HQ!  You’ll earn a heart (free life) for each referral.  Hearts allow you to continue playing — up to three times per game — when you answer incorrectly.
  • If you’ve already invited everyone you know, you can still gain a heart once a week if you play on an iPhone.
  • Get together to play with colleagues, classmates, and family to share your collective knowledge.  It’s much more fun than flying solo!


  • The first 3 questions typically have obvious answers, so don’t overthink them; go with your instinct!
  • When presented with 3 numbers, it’s rarely ever the middle value; go high or go low!
  • When 2 of the 3 answers are very similar, it’s usually one of these and not the much different one.
  • Beware of savage questions!  These have false answers that immediately seem correct but are really meant to mislead you.
  • When I’m stumped, I usually choose the answer I’ve never heard or the one that seems counter-intuitive.  Don’t do this for the first 3 questions though!
  • Play for 5 consecutive days and be rewarded with a free-life heart!


  • Definition questions can be researched; use another phone to voice search or a computer to manually type.  You’ve got to be very quick though!
  • Restrict your search to 2 or 3 words and then quickly scan the top results.
  • Keep a finger hovered over your phone and listen for the clock winding down. Tap anything if you running out of time and can’t find the answer!
    Example: On an airplane, what colour is the black box?
    Google: black box colour
  • Which-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other type questions are tough but can also be researched!  Look up one of the 3 options and if you’re lucky, your answer is confirmed.  If not, you’ll have a 50-50 chance with the remaining 2 answers!

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Available for both iOS and Android devices.  If you appreciate my winning tips, show me some love by using referral code chiofsteel to gift me an extra life.  Thank you!

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