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What you get: You can earn up to $150 bonus by contributing to your Tangerine investment fund account.  Receive a bonus of $10 for every $1,000 you add -- up to $15,000 -- into your investment fund account.  If you have unused cash sitting in a savings/chequing account, transfer it over to say, a TFSA investment fund account for the bonus.

Note: Offer available only to existing clients.  Please verify with Tangerine to see if you're eligible.

When it ends: July 13, 2018

Where to go:

What you get: HQ is giving away at least $1,000,000 in total cash to coincide with the NBA playoff finals!  Each time the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers play in their best-of-7 series, the cash pot grows $100k.  If they play a 7th game, the prize will be $700,000.  All just for correctly answering 12 multiple-choice trivia questions!

Schedule: (*if required)

  • May 31 - Game 1: $100,000
  • June 3 - Game 2: $200,000
  • June 6 - Game 3: $300,000
  • June 8 - Game 4: $400,000
  • June 11 - Game 5*: $500,000
  • June 14 - Game 6*: $600,000
  • June 17 - Game 7*: $700,000

What I get in return: Each friend who installs HQ Trivia and uses my referral code chiofsteel helps me earn an extra life (i.e. a chance to continue if I get an answer wrong).  Once you play HQ Trivia, you can get an extra life by referring your friends!

Where to go: App Store and Google Play

If you've never played before or need some HQ Trivia winning tips, continue reading!