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What you get: You can earn up to $150 bonus by contributing to your Tangerine investment fund account.  Receive a bonus of $10 for every $1,000 you add -- up to $15,000 -- into your investment fund account.  If you have unused cash sitting in a savings/chequing account, transfer it over to say, a TFSA investment fund account for the bonus.

Note: Offer available only to existing clients.  Please verify with Tangerine to see if you're eligible.

When it ends: July 13, 2018

Where to go:

What you get: You can earn $50 by opening a Tangerine account with a minimum $100 deposit using Orange Key 17320806S1.  New customers only!

What I get in return: Each friend who successfully enrolls using Orange Key 17320806S1 helps me earn $50 as well.  Win-Win!!  This is double the regular $25 bonus.

Remember, once you become a customer, you can also get these perks by referring your friends!

When it ends: Jan 31, 2018

Where to go: