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Just a friendly reminder that if you're taking part in Black Friday online shopping, be sure to first login via your Ebates account to earn up to 10% or more cashback from your purchases!

Don't have an Ebates account or unfamiliar with how it works?  Simply hop on to and click the link to your favourite retailer.  When you make a purchase, you get cashback from your purchases!  Every season, you'll get a mailed a big fat cheque!  Sign up my referral code and get $5 cashback to try it out:

Black Friday shopping with Ebates. Look at the added savings awaiting you -- earn hundreds in cashback!!

Just a friendly reminder that if you're taking part in Amazon's Prime Day sales, be sure to first login via your Ebates account to earn up to 6% cashback from your purchases!  And to determine whether the deals are actually good deals, use the Keepa plugin for your web browser.

What you get: You can earn $25 credit by adding $100 to your Amazon Cash balance.  Think of Amazon Cash as your pre-paid spending account.  Instead of a bank, you visit a retailer like Canada Post and deposit the money through them.  Amazon gives you a personalized barcode (or you can just use your cell #) so the funds are directed to your account.  It's really easy, and the bonus $25 arrives within 24 hours; mine came within a few minutes!

Note: Offer available only to first-time Amazon Cash deposits.  Bonus funds expire Aug 31, 2018.  See Amazon's page for full details.

When it starts: July 9, 2018

When it ends: July 17, 2018

Where to go:

Receipt of $100 deposited to my Amazon Cash account

Spotlight on:

What I scored: One of the hottest items this year and holiday season is the SNES (aka Super Nintendo) Classic gaming console. They were hard to get at launch and next to impossible during restocks at Best Buy or Amazon. But your boy lucked out big time, and I made sure to get a little cashback on my purchase, thanks to Ebates!

How I did it: Both and Best Buy Canada have partnered with Ebates.  So before you do your online Black Friday shopping from these stores (or hundreds of others), just make sure you start from to earn cashback on your purchase. In my case, I earned $1.00 to my Ebates account with my SNES purchase.  I know, it doesn't sound like much, but it adds up quickly!

Here's the proof:

Where to go: