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Earn cashback with surveys/videos/receipts!

If you're going to... be an informed shopper and can spare a minute or two,
you might as well... earn cash in a variety of ways through Caddle!

How does it work?  

Caddle combines four ways to earn cash: rebates, reviews, surveys, and videos.  Similar to the concept from Checkout 51, you receive cashback by purchasing specific items or from select stores listed in their weekly offers.

For example, every time I shop at Costco, I take a photo of my receipt through Caddle and earn 50 cents.  Not bad!  Or you may be enticed with a few dollars for trying out a featured item.  The hauls can be bountiful!

There are many survey opportunities, and they don't require any pre-qualifications.  These surveys are just a few multiple-choice questions about your shopping habits or product knowledge about a promoted item; they help shape your offers.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.

As for videos, they're usually 15 or 30 seconds long.  Simply put, you're getting paid to watch an ad.  Be sure to complete the short survey afterwards, if there is one.

Show me the money!

As soon as there's $20 or more in your account, you can cash out!  Caddle will mail you a cheque of your accumulated earnings.  Sweet!

Caddle balance summary

Cash Out confirmation

Caddle cashback cheque

Sign Up

Download the Caddle app to your smartphone and create an account to get started!  Enter my referral code CHIHUN57475 and we'll both earn $1 when you complete one qualifying offer in the app.

Location: St. Catharines, ON
Twitter: @CaddleCanada
iOS: Caddle on App Store
Android: Caddle on Google Play