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HQ Trivia

Not your dime-a-dozen trivia game show!

If you're going to... play games on your mobile devices,
you might as well... win actual money in less than 15 minutes!

How does it work?  

HQ Trivia is a live game show you play with your mobile device, where they broadcast from New York City nightly at 9pm (ET) and 3pm weekdays.  A charming host reads a series of (8, 12, or more) trivia questions, each with 3 possible answers.  Get it right and you may continue.  Get it wrong or fail to answer, and you're eliminated!  Make it to the end with all correct answers and you'll split the money pot with any other geniuses.  Read my HQ Trivia winning tips.

Show me the money!

Cash prizes range from $1,000 (HQ Sports), $2,500 (3pm ET games) and $5,000 (9pm ET games).  Sundays usually have a larger jackpot (~$25,000).  Occasionally, HQ has super cash pots, one time reaching $400,000!!  Most games have winners splitting the pot, but on the rare occasion, they do have winner-take-all games!  Winnings are paid out via PayPal.  I've won HQ Trivia 15 times.  Yes, really!

HQ Trivia balance page
PayPal account page

Sign Up

Available for both iOS and Android devices.  Use referral code chiofsteel when you sign up and I'll get an extra life.

Location: New York, NY
Twitter: @hqtrivia
iOS: HQ Trivia on App Store
 HQ Trivia on Google Play