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You know those Circle K convenience stores at Esso gas stations? They have a contest to win instant prizes in the form of snacks and drinks. There are also weekly & monthly draws for bigger prizes (such as free gas, iPads, Nintendo Switch, and $10,000!), but the best part is how easy it is to win!

What you get: Play games of rock-paper-scissors against virtual opponents. If you win 2 out of 3 times, you get an instant prize! You get 3 attempts daily, so don't fret if you lose. When you win, they will text you a link. Open the link and tap the button at the Circle K cashier to claim your prize.

I played about 7 times and won 3 prizes! Rockstar Energy Drink, Montellier water, and Dairymilk Oreo Bar chocolate. You can claim multiple prizes at once, but you must claim within 5 days of winning.

When it starts: July 2, 2019

When it ends: September 3, 2019

Where to go: | Rules and Prizes

Rock Paper Prizes spoils from Circle K

What you get: You can win 1 of 5 Fitbits by hitting your steps goal in the Carrot app!  Today only!

What I get in return: Each friend who installs and uses the Carrot app helps me earn double points as well.  Use bonus code ct6191 when installing.

Remember, once you use Carrot, you can also get these perks by referring your friends!

When it ends: Dec 21, 2017

Where to go:

What you get: You can win Starbucks prizes including bonus stars toward your Gold Status or even Starbucks for life!  Gold Status is achieved by earning 300 stars, typically accumulated through purchases made via the Starbucks Card or App.  But this promotional game can shower you with stars or food & drink prizes.  Make a purchase or complete a challenge and you'll get a spin, similar to roulette, to obtain a game token.  Collect 3 tokens belonging to a set to win the designated prize.

Note: I didn't register for the game until a few days ago, but my previous purchases -- going back to early December, perhaps? -- counted towards the challenges.  As long as you paid on your Starbucks Card or App, it will be in your order history and should count towards your spins.

What I get in return: Just spreading the news.  I wish I had heard of this promo earlier.  I love that Starbucks lets me substitute dairy with coconut milk, but it's not a cheap cup of coffee!  Good luck!

When it ends: January 8, 2018

Where to go: